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19th-May-2010 02:42 pm - 4th game
[Noki is standing in the middle of one of the towns. from what you can see it seems to be Jamorrow. She is mostly talking to the looking glass though, she has propped up on something about shoulder height to her.]


Noki usually only plays if Luki is here, BUT NOKI IS BORED!!


hehe~ NOKI IS IT!!

[she shows her shifter as it shifts from the bracelet that it was into a gun.]

Don't know how to play tag!? HAHAH! TOO BAD!

Noki is going to Count~ from 25 and when she's done you better be RUNNING~!!

1... 2... 3... HAHA! READY OR NOT, HERE I COME!!

[and then she's running off, grabbing the looking glass before it turns off]

(OOC, Noki loves to play tag~ and by tag I mean hunt people down and start a fight! Feel free do voice, but she's not easily stopped. She won't bother with anyone that doesn't fight back or she doesn't see as good enough to fight with. If you want a fight we can do a log, just tell me and I'll make one~. If no one wants to fight her she can just fight with some guards. It's just a good old game of cops and robbers, bad thing is you're the robber and she has a gun!]
19th-May-2010 02:10 am - №003 [ Video ]
[ Iceland is seen without his jacket- Hell, he doesn't look like a brownie for once. In fact, he actually looks like he's dressed properly for the weather. Despite this, his facial expression is one of worry. ]

Has... Anyone seen my jacket?
You know, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some kind of creature here that eats fabric...

... It better not eat boots.
reluctant: if i were to grow wings now
[For a long moment, only the sound of Mireille’s slow breathing is audible. The rustle of sheets, as if she is moving, followed by a low gasp. An outdrawn exhalation, then stillness for a couple of seconds. When she speaks, one may notice an uncharacteristic lisp – as if she has problems properly forming the sounds with her mouth. Her voice is hushed, slightly hoarse.]

I… [A pause. Confused, as if she has forgotten what she wanted to say.] I have fallen acutely ill. Tarra- [Hesitation, again.] Monsieur Tarrant, I’m sorry… to contact you this way, but I will have to cancel our rendezvous.

[Another long silence. Her intakes of breath grow increasingly shallow. Continuing, Mireille's tone is resigned, attaching no real emotion to the conclusion she tentatively draws.]

The unfortunate outcome of my carelessness.
17th-May-2010 03:49 pm - blade three// action
› I hate hanging out with you.
[ There are a few pieces of card laying around on the ground near Childreams. Their offender wields a blade and while quite a few names come to mind there's only one in the area at the moment. His aims are to kill and not a soul speaks once it discovers they've been struck down by the weapon. Piles of card lay across the forest so as to keep the destruction organized at least. Sure. So long as they don't bother him, he won't bother them anymore and he'll stick to the shadows. Hence the man in the tree sharpening his blade. ]

This is a hindrance...
16th-May-2010 05:04 pm - ❂ 2nd Crush [Text]
bang bang goodnight
[He hasn't found a way to filter with the mirror yet, and he doesn't like it. Still, he needs to know if Mikado's safe or not while he had been out, running away from the soldiers.]

Seems like there's still a lot of soldiers running around. They're really persistent, aren't they? ww But they're so slow and clumsy. So flat-footed, you could say~!

What do you think they'll charge us for next? I'd say for thinking. A penny for your thoughts, right? ww

btw, Mikado~? Are you there? I have a question for you!
15th-May-2010 12:59 am - TOBOE >> 002 [Visual]
I ... Don't even
I guess I was away longer than I thought ... And I can't smell some of my friends... Did they leave?

*Looks a little nervous. There are a lot of clanking somewhere below, and after the ruckus moves away, Toboe jumps down from the tree he was sitting on. He peers into his mirror, his expression close to that of a puppy.

Is sleeping under tree shad a crime here...?
14th-May-2010 06:22 pm - → 002 ☼ (video.)
[asjhvsajh] Omfggggggggg
[ Atoli was walking to go help out Mr. H and Joshua, but unfortunately she forgot exactly where to go. Of course the wonderful people of Wonderland could help out, so she turned on the mirror. ]

Ah, hello everyone! I just have a small questio-


U-um... Yes?

You are under arrest for smiling too much in one day!

Oh, I'm really sorry-- wait, huh?! W-what kind of reason is that?!

If you won't come with us willingly, we'll have to force you!


[ A staff appears in her hand and Atoli instinctively hits the soldier, knocking him off balance. She starts running away, holding the mirror up to her face. ]

U-um, I might be a little late! S-sorry!
14th-May-2010 12:06 pm - 004 ✩ Video
Attack Flight ✩ Not Going to Lose
[Things aren't really looking too great for Roxas this time around. He had been so good at keeping out of sight. Looks like the mirror has fallen out of wherever he had been keeping it. The view is lopsided and obscured by a blades of grass. Even so, it should be easy to have a shot of Roxas, keyblade out and ready. However the expression on his face is anything but someone who is going to back down.]

Stop! We have you surrounded this time.

You're under arrest for ignorance, and assaulting the Queen's  guard. Do not attempt to escape!

[A glance down means Roxas as spotted the mirror. There's a second of hesitation before Roxas crouches, the glass going dark as a hand covers it.]

I don't have time for this...

[A pause before-]

Get him! Don't just stand around. AFTER HIM! TAKE HIM DOWN!
13th-May-2010 05:15 pm(no subject)
...those soldiers were kind of...[she pauses, trying to put her hand on the appropriate word, but she can't find it.] I wasn't scared, but I'm still glad I got rid of that guy. Is anyone else still being chased around for false charges? Their prison is going to be pretty full at the rate they are going.

Is there anyone out there that still needs help?
12th-May-2010 07:38 pm - #002 | [Video]
Don't make her cry
[Once the video started, it was moving. After leaving the forest with the smoking caterpillar, which she somehow woke up in and talked with him for a while before leaving, she ended up running into a card solider that claimed that she is arrested and grabbed her. Thankfully, she managed to wiggle out of his hands and started to run as fast as she could.]

You are under arrest for wearing a redder dress than the Queen's! Stop resisting!

[The running continued until she found a hiding place, which is actually just a ditch that she hopped into before the guard saw her. Panting, she looked at the mirror while dusting her dress off.]

I think I lost him.....But, that arrest is stupid! Even after coming out of that forest with the caterpillar. [Sigh.]
12th-May-2010 06:46 pm - 004 [video]
oh you don't say
[The red hair across the mirror is the only real indicator that it's Reno, he's laying on his stomach somewhere that looks suspiciously like a roof.]

Where'd he go?
Find him!
He's under arrest for this too!

Suckers... gotta get up earlier if you want to beat a Turk.

[there's the quiet sound of something being hit and rolling down the incline of the roof to break on the ground below.]

Up there! There's someone up there!
Stay where you are, you're under arrest for having redder hair than the queen, using the roofs instead of the street and evading arrest!

11th-May-2010 08:06 pm - [video] 2nd pint
What a nuisance.  This place just keeps getting more and more irritating. 

 [ Dracula can be seen leaning over the body of a card soldier (either dead or unconscious, it's hard to tell by the angle of the mirror) resting his weight on his parasol. His fingers are covered in blood and he has a couple of drops on his face too, he moves his hand close to his face to lick it off but-- ]

Unholy gods! It stinks.
11th-May-2010 12:41 am - [Video] - Do you love your neighbor?

[The mirror flickers to life and you can see Hungary cheerfully taking out the trash. Her trash may look suspiciously like the mangled remains of a card soldier, but that's probably your imagination. When she speaks, her voice is cheerful, but a little strained. Things have been stressful lately.]

So, I was thinking that I'd been here a while and I still don't know that many people. That's why I'm planning to have a little informal get together for my neighbors. Anyone who lives in Jamorrow is invited to come to a little party on Friday evening.  Mine is the house with the picket fence. Just be sure and RSVP, so that I know how many people to expect.

[She is about to turn the mirror off, then adds]

If there's any kind of food you'd like, I don't mind taking reasonable requests. And if anyone's planning to come and cause trouble......don't.
10th-May-2010 07:29 pm - 3rd game

What was that?!

Noki was dreaming about smoke and mushrooms and LOT and LOTS of odd things~!

What day is it?.... WHAT?! Noki lost a whole month!?

That's NOT fun, wonderland!! Noki HATES you!! She smells like smoke and stuff.

What's going ON!? HEY!! What's with ALL the cards!?
Hay hay, Noki wants to play with them!
If she's gets enough of them, can she make a house of cards?!
content: finally closer to my dreams
[A blur of darkness as Mireille’s fingers brush over the surface of the looking glass, before she leans back. The mirror shows a full view of how she sits, her legs drawn up under her, the dress she is wearing neatly pooling around her, on the couch with a book in her lap. Her eyes hold the glimpse of contentment.]

To those who had to bear with me during my most recent transmission, I fear I may owe an excuse. It seems we have all been taking part in our own respective struggles the past week, and I didn’t manage to handle mine with the sort of grace I might have hoped for. My apologies.

[Now there’s the slightest hint of a smile on her lips. Her gaze strays to her folded hands on top of the book, and she continues without glancing back up.]

Wonderland could become quite the learning experience, couldn’t it? If we are like Alice -

[At this she holds up the book and raises her eyes again. It’s a tattered, worn copy – written in reverse, so there should be no problem reading the title through the looking glass – of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, in gold lettering on the cover.]

- it is merely a matter of not forgetting ourselves in the mindlessness of it.
9th-May-2010 08:48 pm - three ♯ video
there isn't anybody else around
[ Someday, Neku's going to make a broadcast in which he isn't annoyed about something.

Today is not that day! As per usual, he's kind of peeved. Something is also definitely off about him, too. It might be that he looks fairly rumpled and a little bruised. Taking on enemies is hard to adjust to when he has to work alone after getting used to, well, not. And his Shifter is inconvenient, but that's beside the point. He pushes his hair off his face and frowns at the mirror. The keen observer will notice his headphones are missing. They're actually around his neck, one side completely crushed. One must make sacrifices to save the shape of one's skull. He's really not happy about the loss of them. ]

Alright, this is going too far. How many of these guys are there? I don't have stupid hair.

[ He's not going to point the looking glass at the defeated card soldier because by now the mystery of who everyone's fighting is pretty much gone. ]

There some reason no one's doing anything to stop these freaks from coming?
9th-May-2010 02:38 pm - 2nd shot | [video]
this is an order
[First thing you'll notice is gray. A lot of gray. And red. You see a fairly large fire and an enormous amount of smoke. When Roy comes into the picture, there's a white glove on his right hand, and he's leaning against a tree lightly, speaking almost to himself, disappointment dripping in his tone.]

Who's in charge of the military here? For a soldier, he was one of the weakest I've ever fought. The caterpillar on drugs was more intimidating.

[He looks at the looking glass here, voice stronger and more authoritative.] If anyone requires assistance with these soldiers and their ridiculous accusations, please state your location, and I will be there as soon as possible.

But really, what kind of charge is "liver abuse?"
9th-May-2010 04:00 pm - 1st Dream [Video]
[The mirror drops on the floor and shows a girl with short silver hair struggling with a soldier.]


[She kicks and scratches at the soldier. This princess is not going down without a fight! She does manage to break free for a moment, gives the poor soldier a violent kick and makes a run for it, scooping up her looking glass in the process.]

... just what is this place? This is ridiculous, arresting me for cutting my hair? Ludwig, if you are somehow responsible for me ending up here, I swear I'm going to haunt you forever.
8th-May-2010 06:23 pm - [Video] 3 eclaires Event
You won't like me when I'm angry
[The image is shakey and there's only a view of leaves and branches, so it's either from the top of a tree or in a bush. With all the movement it's hard to tell, but there is panting in the background along with the yelling of a soldier.]

H-how can you be arrested for wearing a watch on the wrong side..?!

[Tsuzuki finally moved the mirrow, the glimpse of a scythe caught before violet eyes are in view. His expression isn't like the one usually seen. There's no cheerfulness, instead something grim with a hidden pain and sadness.]

Does anyone see an end to them coming after us for these ridiculous reasons, or are they going to just keep going after people?

[ohshitgunshots. He must've been talking too loud.]
7th-May-2010 10:52 am - [video]
♚ The louder you scream the faster we go
Wonderland, oh, Wonderland. (He sighs; it's melodramatic, heavy and not quite sincere, and he takes a moment before raising his staring straight on at the looking glass.) Quite the week we've been having, isn't it?

(Where ever he is -- once again, he's not particularly fond of sharing that particular detail since he'd prefer not to get arrested -- the looking glass is positioned so that there's a partial view of the surface in front of him. You might be able to notice some of the parts of a clock* -- a mainspring, a harmonic oscillator, an escapement and so on and so forth. You can't see the entire timepiece nor all of the components, but an observant individual might be able to put two and two together.)

ooc cut!Collapse )

((ooc: *Not actual thing, just a vaguely nice looking mechanical watch used for the purposes of ~showing the components~. Sort of. And yes, yes I did research horology for this post, what is my life.))
6th-May-2010 06:53 pm - [Video] Gdmit!
[The view's a little weird, as Luke's looking glass fell on the ground as he was trying to send a message. Anyone looking can just see his feet kicking up and out of view randomly.]


I mean it! I never even heard of getting arrested for being a brat! IT'S STUPID, SO LEGGO!!
6th-May-2010 09:46 pm - [ video ] oo2ₒ
going down heart & allₒ
[ tia is seated neatly in a chair when the video flickers on. the glass is obviously propped up somewhere, because his hands are folded loosely together in his lap. .. he looks as frail as ever, fine-boned and porcelain-delicate. after a moment, he offers a faint, concerned smile, unfolding his hands and spreading the fingers, revealing his palms. ]

With.. the attacks going on.. I thought it would perhaps be a good idea to offer my services to the wounded. Even though our abilities have been largely muted here, my healing skills still seem to be mostly intact. [ a pause, and he tucks his hair back from his face, expression going serious. ] I don't mind coming to you if you're injured, and I can also take care of illness. So..

[ there's a pause, and he nods slightly. ]

Please don't hesitate to speak to me if you feel that you should.
5th-May-2010 10:31 am - ♥ [ video ] »» iv
Find that boy with the cat ears now!

[the looking glass is facing a field of grass where the only thing that can be seen were the soldier's feet. when the sounds of footsteps quieted down. ritsuka lifted the mirror and sat himself down by a tree. he was surrounded by tall green bushes]

That was close. I think they're gone.

[an exhale. his heart was beating fast]

...Is everyone okay? I think I out ran them. But I--

[he looked around, stood up, looked down, and spun around a few times]

Yuiko is missing!
4th-May-2010 07:29 pm - ♟tRiCk oo2
‽ Here in my garden of shadows
[When the Looking Glass comes on you get a picture of Hatizou. He's standing in the shadow of the largest tower of the Clock Tower, looking rather amused. He is twirling a top hat in his hands and humming for a few moments before he 'remembers' that he activated the mirror and smiles towards it.]

Ah, it really seems that people are having a hard time recently! All for crimes they didn't commit, hm? I really wonder~ [He tilts his head before placing the hat onto his pink hair.]

But I have a question! Who knows where I can find the best tea in this place...? It's very important, you know?
[ what are you up to ]
[ hello, dear viewer: if you are choosing to pay attention to your Looking Glass at this particular moment, you are treated to an extremely close close-up of an eye, the red iris thrown so close that it appears blurry at first. ]

Man, how the fuck do you use this thing? What'd the old geezer call it? A 'Lookin' Glass'?

[ the eye withdraws, and the vision changes to one of rollercoaster-rapid movement. don't throw up: he's only shaking the damn thing. ]

Hello? Hello?? HEY, ASSHOLES, you listenin'? I know you're in there.

[ the movement abruptly stops. the image focuses into a young man, who looks positively annoyed. it's still a bit blurry, though - ostensibly from all the fingerprints he's given it. ]

Tch, I knew that douchebag was just jerkin' around. Damn thing don't work.

[ back to the giant eye. it's squinting, like it's appraising your worth. but don't worry, it's only the mirror it's looking at. ]

Looks pretty damn nice, though. Maybe I can sell it...

[ ooc: for EXTREME FUN TO THE MAX!! purposes, this entry occurs at an indeterminate time. So even if you've been harassed by those silly paper dolls, feel free to reply to this entry as though it were backdated. YEAAAAAHHHH ]

[ ooc: UHHH sorry to everyone I was threading with, I gotta brb. Will be back later! ]
4th-May-2010 11:25 am - oo2 ⌛ {video/event}
➹ vorpal sword knows what it wants
{The looking glass activates and Alice appears to be sitting in her house alone.}

Well, that Caterpillar was entirely unhelpful. He's nothing like Absolem except for the smoking part. I do wish Absolem was here... He would have answers unlike that Caterpillar. Nothing is as it should be — even though in Wonderland, nothing is, but nothing is as Wonderland should be.

And now I've come back to my home to find that there'd been a fire. Is everyone all right? I can't seem to find the Hatter either... He should be back from Childreams by now. I wasn't gone for that long. I'm worried something might have happened to him. Has anyone seen him?

{Suddenly there is a crash through the front door and she jumps to her feet. She's still tightly gripping the mirror, which is now pointed toward the Card Solider that has just barged in.}

What are you doing here? And you've broken the door! You know it's very rude not to—


What? But I haven't done anything. I'm not even over a mile high!


Impersonating? But I am Alice! I've already been through this. This is absurd!


Yes! I am being accused of an entirely false charge. I'm Alice!

{The Card Solider is now pointing its spear right at Alice's throat. She drops her looking glass and it falls to the ground. The two are now in view as the mirror looks upward at them. Her hands wrap protectively around her neck as she steps back. Little does she know, Alice has activated her shifter by touching the small pendant hanging from her necklace — the one her mother gave her. A long ornate silver sword now rests in her hands. She stumbles back.}

This is... It's the vorpal sword. But how—


{And with that, the Card Soldier charges forward, thrusting his spear at her. Alice reacts quickly and raises the vorpal sword and blocks the hit. She doesn't want to fight, but she realizes that there may be no other way to rid herself of this Card. The soldier comes at her again, but this time Alice ducks and heaves her sword forward and follows through until it slices right through him. The Card Soldier falls to the ground and Alice is left breathing hard as the vorpal sword begins to disappear.}

Nothing but a... silly card.

{She turns around and drops down to her knees where the looking glass has fallen. She looks down into it.}

What's the meaning of all this?
4th-May-2010 03:26 am - ☀ 3 protected | video-action
you've triggered my trap card
[ The view was incredibly shaky, moving back and forth over the sight of trees and the ground as if someone were holding a camcorder while running. And really, that was pretty much the case right now. And if Kazuki wasn't convincing enough, the voices of the cardholders following him were a big enough hint as to why he would be running. ]


I ALREADY HEARD YOU THE FIRST COUPLE OF TIMES! YOU SHOULD TRY HARDER! [ Despite his words though, it was obvious he was running out of breath. ] I ASSISTED A FUGITIVE, REMEMBER?


[ There was a sharp whistle in the air after that, followed by Kazuki yelping as he tripped over the sword the cardholder threw into the ground ahead of him. The looking glass practically skids along the ground, thankfully not broken, but showing just how worn out and exhausted Kazuki was now that it wasn't shaky. As well as the cardholders looming over him as they got closer. ]

Oh man... not good.

For the crimes of being too loud, assisting a criminal, and resisting arrest--

Of course I was resisting arrest! You're arresting people like Minako-san for things they can't help! Just because she has a face--

[ One of the cardholders swiftly delivers a kick to Kazuki's thighs, silencing him. And causing him to spit out blood. ]

--The penalty is death! We will carry out your execution right now!

[ That caused an expression of pure anger to spread across his face. ] I can't let you do that... [ He seethed, pushing himself up from the ground, one hand holding the side of his ribs while the other held some kind of gray hexagon. ] The only reason I'm even alive anymore is because of the new life Tokiko-san gave me... [ His grip on the hexagon shape tightened, and he bared his teeth. ] I'M NOT LETTING YOU BASTARDS TAKE IT AWAY AFTER WHAT SHE DID FOR ME!


[ And after a brief flash of light, in place of the hexagon was now a sleek-looking lance. Not that there was much time to admire it, seeing as how he was now charging the cardholders with it. ]
3rd-May-2010 10:22 pm - 002 // [video/voice]
follow my lead! screw that!
[There's a brief glimpse of a bloodstained shirt before Joshua's face appears in the mirror.  He's panting a little and paler than usual, but his smile remains as wide as ever.  Behind him, you can see shelves full of clocks and a large window.]

My my, these soldiers are rather persistent, aren't they?  How admirable.  Well, I suppose I need to brush up on my hide-and-seek skills.  And how are my fellow Players doing?

[In the distance, you may be able to hear a clanking noise, like the heavy footsteps someone in armor.  The noise gets steadily louder, and Joshua's eyes narrow.]

Looks like they found me already.  Pity, I was hoping for a chance to catch my breath.

[He stands up, and the video feed goes dark as he slips the mirror into his pocket.  There's the sound of a door being slammed open.]

That's a rather big sword you're pointing at me, hee hee.  But it's how you use it that matters.

I am adding inappropriate innuendo to your list of charges.  Do you plan on continuing to resist arrest, Yoshiya Kiryuu?

I told you, it's Joshua.  You're not going to get anywhere with me if you can't even remember my name.  I'm fragile like that, you know~.

I see you refuse to come in quietly.  In that case, I have no choice but to deal your execution right now.

[There's the sound of running footsteps, some scuffling, and then suddenly a tremendous shattering of glass and a piercing scream of terror.  After a few seconds, there's a loud crash and the scream abruptly cuts off.  For a few minutes afterwards, there is nothing but silence.

The video feed flickers back on as Joshua withdraws the mirror, now standing outside the Clock Tower.  He's staring blankly at a large patch of blood on the grass.  His gaze sharpens when he notices something on the ground, and he bends down a little gingerly, picking up what looks to be a small clock.  He smirks.]

Interesting.  I suppose this is what our new hearts look like.  I wonder what we'll find when we take it apart?  Anyone willing to give it a whirl?

[He pockets the clock and starts walking forward, then suddenly stumbles as his legs give way under him and he sits down on the grass, the mirror falling to the ground.  The cause behind this unusual bout of clumsiness is immediately obvious, as you can see a long gash in his side that's bleeding rather heavily, the entire right side of his shirt soaked in blood.  Joshua frowns at the wound in a rather irritated, 'why-has-this-not-healed-yet' manner.]

This could get a little inconvenient.

[ooc: Action or mirror, whatever works!]
3rd-May-2010 10:46 pm - ~3~//video
((OOC: For timing purposes, this takes place during the first part of this log, and thus before this post))

[ The looking glass comes on just as Ray is setting it down on the table in front of him. From the angle, he's obviously got it propped up with something, so it shows a good view of him as he sits in a chair. He's looking serious and thoughtful. ]

So many people getting arrested. It's... disturbing. Not that they're getting arrested, but the charges I keep hearing mentioned. It is as if they get more and more ridiculous. I am sure if they really wanted to dig around, there are plenty of things they could be arresting people for that would make far more sense that what I've been hearing.

[ He sighs and leans back in his chair, a small smile playing on his face. ]

Ah well, at least they haven't tried to arrest... [ He's cut off by the sound of a door bursting open ] Hm. Never mind then.


[ He stands, pushing the chair oh so casually out of the way. He doesn't look very worried ] On what charge?


Huh. Now that's almost a reasonable charge. [ He pulls a dented flask out of a pocket and studies it, ignoring the card soldier ]


How about, no. [ The flask warps and twists itself into a nice small revolver. He lifts it and fires two shots in the direction of the soldier's voice. There is the crash of someone falling to the ground. Ray sighs and sits back down in his chair. ]

Well that was a pointless interruption. Moving on, I don't suppose anyone has noticed anything useful like a pattern to these idiotic interruptions. And should I be expecting another of these creatures?
3rd-May-2010 08:55 pm - [Pictures + Sounds]
You have been caught, heathen!

[The mirror shakes, and suddenly, the image of a young boy being held suspended in the air by two card soldiers appears in all its glory. The boy looks over to the mirror, pauses, and gives the viewer a thumb's up.]

Got caught.

[The card soldier to his right shakes his spear. The screen shakes, documentary style.]

We shall now arrest you in the name of the Queen!

[A hum. The boy points to the mirror now.]

Try moving it a little to the left. [The screen shifts] A little more. [The screen shifts again.] Just a little more. [Shake] Back to the right-- There! Now it's more dramatic.

Now, you shall be arrested--

Mister Card Person shouldn't forget his list.

Yes, right. The list. You are under arrest of being caught when chased and wearing Hello Kitty merchandise in Grincat when the preferred mascot is Muffy the Smart Rabbit--

And your grocery list.

Apples, oranges, two pairs of underwear--

And counting in threes all the way up to a hundred.

Three, six, nine--

Oh, the screen is fogging up. Could Mister Card Person please polish it?

[A sudden gauntlet hits the mirror in an attempt to dust it off, and the transmission cuts.]
3rd-May-2010 08:18 pm - 003. [Video] / [Event]
Good evening, Wonderland. Although, it, uh... it probably ain't so good for people in Twinklebat. But, uh, hey. You can't take the heat? Get outta the kitchen. 'Specially when I'm cooking.

So, Jack. Hot enough for ya?

[--What's this? Something seems to be coming in view, after the mirror had dropped to grass by her feet that is. It shows a very displeased Alice, a murderous intent in her eyes. Though the sight of her isn't exactly good, blood seems to be seeping from her side, nevermind what appears to be dried blood on other parts of her outfit. Looking fairly exhausted as well, no matter the strong front she holds at the moment.]

ーUnder the charges of first being within Childreams territory at the time of the Jubjub Bird attack, engaging the Jubjub Bird in battle, having had been running with another Foreigner till now as though to help escape charges, resisting arrest, eating large portions of meat with the timezone of 2:00 and 3:00, including having amnesia of your past and containing no memo-

I'm sick of you rambling! I don't care what the hell you're talking about- however, standing in my way of getting to Oz's side means you wish for your death!

[In a flash, it might either be impressive or shocking to see a small puny girl her size wield such a large scythe that's two or three times bigger. Much less even swing it, but she's shooting towards the solider who attempts to stand his guard.]

HALT! Attempting to engage in battle now brings you to the penalty of execution

[Her movements are getting slow though, and she's staggering.]


[--fee cut.]
3rd-May-2010 05:56 pm - Два ☦ Video/Action
[ At last! A moment to settle. Anastasia adjusts her hair bow as she attempts to catch her breath. ]

… I don't think the Card Soldiers liked my drawing of the Queen very much.

[ Drawing a perfectly good likeness of the queen - what a ridiculous thing to get arrested for! And here Anastasia thought that royalty loved portraits. Well, except herself, of course; sitting there for hours to get a portrait done was b-o-r-i-n-g. And what is this "sitting still" you speak of? Clearly, they just have no taste.

But at least the Card Soldiers have gon -

Hey, hey. What's that marching sound off in the distance? ]
3rd-May-2010 05:06 pm - ✿ [ video/action ] »» viii
I know you're feeling like you're lost
W-Wait, you don't understa--

[the looking glass shows a feed of a solider pointing his weapon at Oz as he backs against a tree. he's looking carefully at one side and then the other.]

W-Why am I arrested for sexual harassment?! I would never do that. But, how would you know I'm supposed to be 25?! I'm a 15 year old boy!

[when the solider raised his weapon to subdue him, Oz ducks under his arm and ran away with his mirror in hand]
3rd-May-2010 01:37 pm - oo1 >> [Video] ✍
[At first sight, all that could be seen through the mirror were the chains dangling from the front of Liam's uniform. Afterward, he stopped; the mirror adjusting upwards just enough to catch view of his face. He looked as though someone called to him, wishing for his attention.

That was when the sound began coming through, the mirror pressed against his chest once more and going black.]


[It was then Liam's voice came through, quite confused to why he was stopped. Did he know these people..?]

..Oh, hello.. Can I help you with so--

You're under arrest by order of the queen!

Pardon me?! For what, may I ask!?

[The next sound that came through was an impact that sounded quite hard upon the ground. The mirror was tossed from the carrier's arms, a view of Liam against the gravel with the pursuers coming even closer. It was then that Liam scrambled for his looking glass and stood, backing away.]

Not only are you under arrest for your miss-use of earrings, you are now under arrest for asking a question in return!

M-my earrings?! What is the meaning of this? There is nothing wron--

You're not a woman, you have no need to wear earrings!

...What?! W-well, I am not taking them off.

Then the penalty is death!

[Just then, Liam turned and began to run, only the sounds of his rushed footsteps coming through. They continued going on for quite some time until a slide against the ground was heard, accompanied by the young man's heavy panting. It seemed he found a hiding place behind a rock or some sort. He had just entered this world, and he was already threatened! He remained quiet until he heard the enemies foot steps passing. A sigh of relief. Only then, he spoke. The mirror tilting just enough to take view of his worried expression.]

...Master Barma will not be pleased when he hears about this.. If I survive..!

{ooc: action is welcome. c: if anyone wishes to help this poor guy.}
3rd-May-2010 01:52 pm - three . video
I hope you all enjoyed the visit from the bird.

I worked so hard to bring it for you.

[ooc; taking his credit for the Jubjub Bird plot, feel free to yell at him now. I'm still replying to the log post, sorry for being so slow, I got called into work longer than expected and my computer got hit with a massive virus x_X]
curious: oh you don't say
[Hold on to your hats, because the mirror takes a full 360 degree turn as the holder spins around, apparently trying to get an overview of her surroundings. All that is visible through the looking glass is a blur of muted colours. A long sigh is audible, then the view is turned upwards sharply, Mireille leaning over the mirror with her hair messily undone and hanging in a waterfall around her face, casting her features in shadows. If one cares to look closely, her eyes are rather unfocused.]

I would highly appreciate if someone would… could…

[She purses her lips, taking a moment to consider the grammatical dilemma she finds herself in. As the moment draws out, she presses her hand to her face, shielding her eyes, though the amused quirk of her lips is left visible. Slowly she lets it fall, glancing back at the mirror with both eyebrows raised in a bemused fashion.]

… could or would kindly inform me the easiest route from the Carnival to Childreams. It’s getting dark very quickly now and my navigation skills leave something to be desired, it seems, seeing how I managed to find myself here.

I doubt the lack of daylight will help me...

[The last sentence is apparently directed more at herself than whatever audience she has gathered. A deep breath as she straightens up, staring off into space, the looking glass remaining on the ground and thus giving a rather interesting view up under her skirt.]

(ooc: Why, yes, Mireille is actually very drunk. This post is done right after the end of this log.)
3rd-May-2010 08:15 pm - [ video ] oo5ₒ
» & take their lives away
[ at first, the glass remains black, the only thing coming through the sound of voices. ]

--beg your pardon? [ that's jack, but his usual good humour is decidedly lacking. instead, his voice is harder, no-nonsense and a bit clipped. ]

Sir, you are resisting arrest. You heard the charges. You give me no choice.

[ the sound of metal scraping against metal, the tell-tale ringing sound of a blade being drawn, and jack gives a small gasp. footsteps on gravel. ]

Now, wait just a moment! I'm not resisting arrest simply because I want you to repeat yourself!

[ the sound of a slight scuffle, metal clangs, foosteps crunching against gravel again, and jack makes a tight sound suspiciously close to a growl. the glass tumbles away onto the gravel, and the video flickers on in time to see a slightly skewed view of one of the card soldiers swinging a heavy broadsword at the seemingly-helpless jack.

the blond ducks beneath the blade, nearly catching his braid on its edge, sidesteps with a suspiciously elegant ease, and spins away and behind the soldier. his arm comes up, forearm moving as if to block the fall of the soldier's arm-- there's a flash, and jack is holding a slender sword.

metal shrieks as the two blades meet, sparks flying as the edges scrape together. the soldier's face reflects the faintest hint of surprise, determination, perhaps a little concern.. but jack's face is blank, eyes wide-open and fixed on his opponent with all the attention of a hawk hunting its prey.

another pass, blades clanging, the soldier swinging his sword in a heavy arc-- jack deflects it, and it throws gravel into the air as it grazes the ground before the soldier can change its momentum and send it back upward again, toward the blond's ribs.

but jack's already moved, ducking beneath the clumsy swing and darting forward, blade gripped in both hands. it pierces through the vulnerable joint of the soldier's armour just beneath and to the right of the ribs.

there's a frozen moment-- and then the soldier drops his blade with a crash to the gravel. blood spatters jack's hands, the ground, running down the length of the sword and painting jack's fingers crimson. the soldier coughs, and red spots the blond's face and throat, as well.

the card-soldier falls.

for a long moment, jack is left standing there, blood-stained sword in one hand and the other loose and open at his side. he looks as if he might be in shock, staring down at what was, a moment ago, a living, breathing human being. his fingers spasm, and his own sword falls, a flash overtaking it before it hits the gravel, returning it to its usual shape. jack's knees collapse beneath him, and he simply seems to crumple, a hand clapped over his mouth and whole body trembling.

the video ends. ]

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3rd-May-2010 11:33 am - 2nd Brand || Event || Voice

You there! You! You are under arrest!

[There's the telltale sounds of hurried marching, followed by a small "tsk!" from Lightning.]

...What? If this is some kind of stupid prank, don't waste my time.

[And then there's the metallic noises of weapons being drawn and pointed.]

You have been convicted of questioning and disrespecting the authority of this land! Come with us at once, Foreigner!


[Another metallic noise.  Looks like a certain someone's ready to put her Blazefire Saber to use.]

How dare you resist arrest! Stand down or be dispatched!

Just you try it.

[Feel free to experience the noises of weapons clashing and gunshots, as well as pained grunts and growling, and the roar of the card soldiers.  Yeah, it's about to go down to Chinatown.]

[OOC: Voice or Action tags are perfectly welcome.]

3rd-May-2010 04:20 pm - Act 1 ♫~ [Video]
[The ticking sound coming from this video on the looking glass system is a little louder then normal, when the one holding the glass finally comes into view you'll notice the tick tock sound is actually from the way the male tips his head side to side.]

Oh? how very queer. I had reasoned that before I was brought here I was working perfectly well ... I'll have to thank the watch maker for my new heart ... seems the white stuff that was falling out of my ears has stopped also.

[Tapping his head slowly, violet eyes seem to be staring as if looking straight through the looking glass at whomever was on the receiving end.]

Now then. Who was I sent here to kill?
3rd-May-2010 09:52 am - ☠ 4 ☠
Bang Bang Bang Bang have a nice dream
[The voice feed cuts on in the middle of a conversation.]

--for impersonating Death.

[Kid's voice responds to the card solider in a very different tone than he usually uses, low and tense and angry]


You will come with us.

3rd-May-2010 08:08 pm - fifth sapling [ video ]
[ gardens ] here is a gate most sinister
[ The mirror is on, but it's at an awkward angle; all that can be seen are glimpses of Sunday's hands and the flowers.
Then there's a very familiar voice. Or tone of voice, anyway. ]

You there!
You're under arrest!


[ From Sunday's tone, he doesn't seem to take very kindly to this sort of thing. As he presumably rises to his feet, the mirror is knocked sideways so Sunday can be partially seen, along with the card soldier.

There is a sinister noise as Sunday pulls the chain over his head and the key on it rapidly transforms into his weapon. ]

I repeat, you are under arrest! For the charges of-

I do not care.

[ And with that, the Denizen lunges for the soldier, swinging his scythe in a vertical arc down on the card soldier's head, and the vision suddenly goes blank. ]
3rd-May-2010 03:35 am - №002 [ VOICE ]
f-f-freak out
Memoryband? One of the less stupid names for things here, I guess. Where are the normal names like Sauðárkrókur or Vestmannæyjar?



You are under arrest for insulting the wondrous names and style here!!

I just said it-

You were thinking it!!

Yes, but-

You are also under arrest for wandering around in an unsuitable display! Your hair is an atrocious mess!!

It's always like that, I have problems with-- Why does that even matter?!


I don't understand!!

[ There is no running heard, but no fight, either. Iceland is in QUITE THE DENIAL here, seeing as his home place holds the world record for the lowest crime rate. All you can hear now is an exchange of yelling and frustration... Most definitely a bunch of I don't understand's from Iceland. It's apparent that the card soldiers are getting pretty impatient, they're bound to strike at any moment! ((Replies can be voice, video, or action!)) ]
3rd-May-2010 12:28 pm - † 06 || voice [stupid ladders]
♯ just a small town girl → I am
What the - why is everyone being arrested? T-that's not -

You're under arrest!

Wait...why? I didn't steal anything! Besides, I only -

You have called a ladder a stepladder!

WHAT?! What kind of a charge is that?!!

Any and all ladders within the boundaries of Wonderland should only be called ladders, nothing more! They are ladders, not stepladders!

If you were talking about that time I helped one of our neighbors...I didn't know there was a rule like that!

Now you know! Do not confuse the Wonderlanders and disturb the peace, foreigner! If you come quietly - come back here! YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!

[You hear the sound of footsteps and quick breathing, of course, as well as the repeated cries of "YOU'RE UNDER ARREST!" and "THEY'RE LADDERS, NOT STEPLADDERS!" from the card soldier.]

Okay, I THINK my shifter is my hairpin - nothing else I have seemed to work...maybe I should find a place to hide first and figure it out. This weird-looking card guy looks like he'll stop at nothing to get me!

[OOC: Anyone who lives in Jamorrow can claim to be said neighbor. XD Just in case.]
2nd-May-2010 08:53 pm - the fifth page || video
forgive me and my sins
[Naminé is holed up in her drawing room, looking a bit absentmindedly into the mirror, though her brows are furrowed a little. She turns away to doodle a little bit, peers back at the mirror as if to say something, then turns back to her drawing. After a few more times like this she can't take it anymore, and she has to ask her question, no matter how silly it may seem.]

Does...does anyone think I would get arrested if I go out to town to buy some things?

[She pauses a moment, and then quickly adds--]

The card soldiers have been arresting people for the strangest charges...I'm almost a little wary to even leave the house.

[Naminé sighs a bit, going back to her drawings. She's actually sketching some clothing designs for her fighting outfit, so no peeking yet.]

I'll need to go buy some clothes and fabric eventually, though...
2nd-May-2010 07:24 pm - ☄ 3rd Apple [Voice]
Hey, everyone! There's a lot of funny people walking around. Does anybody know who they are? I wonder if the war's starting or--

You, with the wings!

Oh, hi!

You are under arrest!

Huh? Was it because I took those apples? I'm sorry about that! They were so yummy and juicy that--

You are hereby arrested for breathing and for your confession of a crime!

... Breathing? But I need to breathe...

Do not attempt to resist and your execution will be swift!

Uwah, execution?! But I didn't know that I couldn't breathe in Wonderland!

Ignorance of the law is no excu-- HALT! IN THE NAME OF THE QUEEN! HALT!!

(ooc: Action tags are more than welcome if you want to crash into the flying Cooro.)
2nd-May-2010 10:02 pm - 001; [video]
➤If there's a prize for rotten judgement
[A confused looking female looks into the looking glass, and she bites her lip.] Where...am I?

You are under arrest! 

[Sheena's head immediately turns, and she trips as she tries to back up. What? She had just gotten here!]  What for?!

Your crime is that the bow on your person is too large, therefore you must be punished.

M-My bow? Why the heck do you want to arrest me for my bow?!

[She sets the looking glass down, and cries out as she starts running towards the soldier. Not much is heard but a few grunts, but then she's thrown back and lands on her back beside the looking glass. She picks it up and starts stumbling into a full fledged run. Time to think and run!]

[OOC: Video or action, doesn't matter~]
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